Who are eligible for VAT Exemption?

At Abilitystore many items we sell are VAT exempt for people who have a disability/disabilities or chronic or terminal illness. This is also available for charities.


Which Items are VAT Exempt?

Equipment that has been designed solely for people with a disability, chronic or terminal illness or the adaptation of equipment so they can use it, can be VAT exempt. We have been given a list of products that’re eligible for VAT exemption by the manufacturer which is within government guidelines to assess if a product is VAT exempt. If a product is VAT exempt you can clearly see this 2 price options to select, you can select VAT exemption if you’re eligible.


How do I claim ?

If you are VAT exempt you must tell a member of our team in store or over the phone. They will explain the process and then request your details, including the nature of your disability / chronic illness.

Online orders you will need to tick the box "stating you qualify for VAT Exemption" and add the required details.

When ordering from our catalogue you will need to sign and complete the VAT exemption form.

Proof of your disability is not required at all; however you need to remember that it is an offence to claim falsely that you or someone you are buying for is eligible for VAT exemption under the guidelines.


What happens to your VAT Information

We must keep your signed VAT exemption form secured with us, however, we do not pass the details to anyone except HMRC, as it forms part of our VAT obligation.


More VAT related queries ?

If after reading this guide you are still having any VAT related queries then please read the HMRC guide here (http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/vat/sectors/consumers/disabled.htm) or email
us and we will be happy to answer any questions.